Be Prepared

Players are unpredictable at the best of times, so make sure you have the tools to handle any situation with the GM Toolbox
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Interesting and memorable Creations with one click


From complete randomness to deciding ever detail create what you want


Have your creations ready for any situation by saving them ready for the next session


Using the folder system have Creations  organised and ready for any situation


Export your Creations as easy to print formats, and have them to hand no matter the battery life




Be Prepared for whoever your players meet. 

From random inn patrons to the king of the land.

 Create characters that bring your world alive.


Be Prepared for where ever your players rest.

From a run down hole, to fabulous bars fit for a king.

Create taverns that your players will want to call home.


Be Prepared for whom ever your players meet in a dark alley.

From the street corner thugs, to international assassins.

Create the bandit groups your players will love to hate.


Be Prepared for whatever your players may find deep in the woods.

From the hidden cove to great lairs.

 Create caves your players love to find and explore.


Be Prepared for whenever your players want

to spend their hard earned coin.

 From the market stalls to great mystical bazaars.

 Create Shops your players will keep coming back to.


What Comes Next?

More content incoming to help you create your worlds and run your games.

Be Prepared for wherever the quest takes them, from secret cults to great pantheons, create religions just for you and your world.

  • Deity information 

  • Religious symbols

  • Key ritual details

  • Follower information

  • Pantheons

Magic Items

Be Prepared for wherever they may find, from mystical rings to sentient weapons, create magic items just for you and your world.

  • Item Type

  • Item Description

  • Magical properties

  • Rarity


Be Prepared for wherever your players go next, from small villages to great empires, create the civilisations of your world

  • Create small villages, to great empires

  • Population information

  • Government

  • Organisations

  • Notable features

  • memorable places/buildings/districts